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How to Keep Clean While Camping

Some of our best memories are made on a campsite, sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows in the red flames while chatting and laughing the nights away.

Who can forget the bright mornings when we wake up to the sounds of chirping birds as they flutter their wings and take to the sky, and the endless rugged terrain at our feet?

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It’s no surprise that more people are embracing the outdoors with 47.94 million Americans going camping each year.

And if you thought the experience couldn't get any better, well, now you get to enjoy modern conveniences like running water and high-pressure showers on your next camping trip.

Yes, you can keep clean while camping so the adventure never ends.

So, say goodbye to grim and greasy hair as you prepare for your next camping trip.

Tip 1 - Wear Quick-Drying Clothes and Bringa Microfiber Towel

Most camping activities leave you sweaty all the time, so you’ll need clothes that can keep you dry.

Synthetic materials draw sweat from the surface of your skin to the outside of the fabric allowing it to dry quickly. 

This moisture moving material (wicking material) is engineered with capillaries that constantly move the moisture to the fabric's surface so that sweat doesn't collect in the fabric.

On the other hand, materials like cotton soak up sweat, leaving you feeling sticky and grimy. Also, the accumulation of moisture provides an opportunity for bacteria to grow.

So, remember to carry at least two pairs of synthetic clothes on your next camping trip so you can wash and dry one pair at a time.

Also, carry two pairs of synthetic underwear; one for doing camping activities and one for wearing in the evenings after showering. Women should also carry two pairs of synthetic sports bras for the same purpose.

Look for materials such as:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Bamboo
  • Polypropylene
  • Merino

Gym clothes and sportswear are great examples of moisture wicking clothes.

Microfiber towels are another way to keep your body dry and clean after a shower. These towels are super absorbent because of the tiny fibers on their surfaces. 

Also, they attract more dust compared to ordinary surface cleaning materials. Whether dry or moist—and with no cleaning detergents—microfibers can remove up to 99% of dirt and dust.

Tip 2 - Bring a Portable Shower

high-pressure shower sprinkling on a man's head in a shower tent
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After a long day of hiking down the trail, rolling down the endless grasslands, running around the campsite with your friends and family, the ultimate way to keep clean and cool down is by taking a luxurious high-pressure shower.

While camping, showering is vital because you are exposed to more dust, dirt, skin irritants, and bacteria than normal. Even showering with plain water can help keep your skin clean.

So, if you’re looking to take a hot shower in the bush, there’s an easy way to do it by using a some easy to pack and set up equipment offered by Joolca.

testimonial from Carl K

Your portable shower needs to be durable enough to survive the rugged outdoors and unpredictable weather.

Joolca offers a one-stop solution for showering outdoors.

We have an impressive line of products, from water heaters to shower tents, pumps, sinks, and mounting accessories.

Here are some features of Joolca HOTTAP and its benefits:

  • Color-coded connections: Easy set-up for water in and out.
  • Brass snap-on fitting for the gas: No special tools are required to connect, and the gas won’t leak.
  • Sturdy stand to hold the HOTTAP nomad: Keeps the heating system sturdy.
  • Top vent and side air opening: Better performance in windy conditions.
  • LCD display: Accurate temperature and water flow adjustment.
  • Adjustable water flow from 0.5 to 1.5 gallons per minute: High-Pressure shower system.

The gear in this line is also compatible with other equipment you might already have.

So, on your next camping trip carry a portable hot water kit so you can add a warm shower to your outdoors experience.

durable enough to survive

Tip 3 - Bring Biodegradable Soap and Unscented Shampoo

Biodegradable personal hygiene products

Our unscented shampoo is a splendid solution for greasy hair while out camping. It not only keeps your scalp clean and irritation-free, it also keeps bugs away from your hair. 

Did you know? Sweet-smelling shampoos usually attract bugs and bees.

Although biodegradable soap for dishes and showering is a great option when out camping, these products can impact water sources that wild animals use, so follow government regulations that require you to dispose of water waste 200 feet from water sources.

Proper wastewater disposal can help keep the ecosystem at the campsite intact by preventing water pollution. Expert Tip: If your camping site is short on water, hand sanitizer is a great way to keep your hands clean while controlling water usage.

Tip 4 - Carry Extra Water

Water pump connected to a jerry can to pump water to a tent shower
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If you plan to go camping in an area with no available water, consider carrying your water in a jerry can or a sizable portable tank.

Extra clean water is great for staying hydrated to help you tolerate heat and changes in temperature.

You need to carry two gallons of water per day for every person on the camping trip. Keep in mind that this is an individual's entire water requirement for cleaning and cooking—not just drinking.

Here is a table for the amount of water everyone should drink while camping.

Drinking Recommended Water Intake per Day (in liters)
Adults 2
Children 1.3 to 1.5
Pets Weight of the pet multiplied by 0.03

To avoid the hassle of carrying large amounts of water when on longer camping trips, carry a water filter and pump to refill your water from any fast-moving water body on your hiking trail.

Enjoy Your Personal Hygiene While Out Camping

So, there you have it. 

Easy to implement steps to maintain your hygiene while entirely disconnected from the grid.

It's good to avoid leaving any trash on a campsite or polluting a water body with chemical detergent. Also, remember to check local regulations for information concerning the material you should carry for a camping trip.

Going camping with your friends and family is a fun experience that just got better. Just remember to bring items you'll need for personal hygiene like toothpaste, toothbrushes, biodegradable tissue, and soap. 

Also, remember that the best way to avoid that grime and grease is by having a hot shower with a high-pressure water system. Joolca provides a range of solutions for all your showering needs while exploring nature.

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