Do You Need a Camping Shower: Pros and Cons From Adventurers

When planning your camping trip, you think of three aspects: food, shelter, and clothing. Everything else can be seen as a luxury (at least for the seasoned adventurer).

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When planning your camping trip, you think of three aspects: food, shelter, and clothing. Everything else can be seen as a luxury (at least for the seasoned adventurer).

However, in the summer, overnight stargazing can easily be stretched to a week-long adventure. If you’re going to pack up the kids, your partner, and maybe an in-law or two (my condolences, but sometimes it happens), then you’ll need a camping shower.

Without a camping shower, there are solutions for cleaning yourself—including dunking your body in the nearest, often freezing body of water— but they won’t work for everyone. 

However, since a camping shower requires a significant investment, we’ll highlight the major benefits and pitfalls of a camping shower so you can make an informed decision.

Table of Contents

Camping Shower Pros

Pro 1 - Say Goodbye to Shared Campsite Showers

using HOTTAP camping shower with shower curtain

Imagine traveling hundreds of miles to get away from it all, only to queue behind 7 strangers for a shower.

  • First of all, hot water is not a guarantee.
  • Second, the water pressure might be just as abundant as the hot water.
  • Third, the seven people before you might think peeing in the shower is perfectly acceptable.

Not to mention, communal showers are a great place to pick up all sorts of infections. Although wearing flip flops offers some protection, you’re still at risk of contracting:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Various types of warts
  • Staph infections

Having your own camping shower eliminates this risk by giving you the luxury of showering in private somewhere where no strangers have been.

Did you know? The Joolca HOTTAP even guarantees water at the desired temperature and pressure, meaning there’s no arguing with others in the shower.

Also, you can pick your location. You can shower in your shower tent for privacy, or next to your car, far away from the stench of communal toilets and showers.

Expert Tip: Ensure that your runoff is at least 200 ft. away from a water body to keep from contaminating rivers and lakes.

Pro 2 - Get the Rest You Deserve After Your Active Day

After a day of hiking or team games, nothing relaxes sore muscles like a hot shower.

However, unlike toddlers who can fall asleep mid-sentence, adults sometimes need a little help. Adding a shower to your routine can help your body and mind relax so you can get some well-deserved sleep.

Remember: sleep affects your physical and mental well-being. Outdoor activities require your body and your mind to be alert. Whether you’re wandering in bear-infested woods or simply bird watching, your reaction time is significantly hampered if you are sleep-deprived.

Did you know? Getting a good night’s sleep also helps your mood, enriching your camping experience. This was proven in a study by Harvard University.

In addition to having a hot shower, here are some other tricks to help you get a good night’s sleep:

  • Make sure you go to the bathroom before you settle in for the night.
  • Bring a pillow from home.
  • Cover the sounds of the wilderness using a white noise app or a podcast.

Pro 3 - Convince the Less Outdoorsy Partner to Come Along

people using HOTTAP camping shower at the beach
Source: Joolca Instagram

More and more people are embracing the outdoors. Yet, some need a little convincing.

But if they don’t want to come, does it really matter? Science says it does. According to a European study, camping as a family encourages personal and social development.

So, why not entice the family with the promise of a hot shower, fresh air, and sun-kissed selfies? It’s one less reason for them to say no.

“This is how I convinced my wife to come camping with me. If I’m honest, it’s one of my favorite things to take camping”
Rob - Revere Overland

Pro 4 - Don’t Worry About Replacing Your Shower for a Long Time

The right camping shower can serve you well for years.

The simple setup means less damage by the average user. The only accessory you need within reach is a pair of double D batteries.

The shower’s propane use is also efficient, keeping the cost of heating the water very low.

Also, HOTTAP has a safety feature that keeps the water from overheating. Everything is controlled by one switch at the nozzle, so when the water goes off, the heater does too.

The pack is also well designed in one compact container to avoid damage in transit.

camping shower
Source: The Gear Bunker

Pro 5 - Don’t Shower on Someone Else’s Schedule

people using HOTTAP camping shower after swimming

If you want the best showering experience in a communal shower, you need to make it to the shower before everybody else.

Of course, wouldn’t you rather shower on your own schedule?

Furthermore, if you forgot something like a loofah sponge or soap, you don’t need to make your way across the campground to get it. Just turn off the tap, do that awkward wet-skip-walk to your toiletry bag, grab what you need, and on goes the shower again.

If your hike runs a little long because time in the wilderness just got away from you, you can shower in the middle of the night too.

“We camp all the time, for multiple days at a time. When it’s really cold outside, it’s really nice to have a hot shower.”
Kelly - Dome Life

Pro 6 - Enjoy a Shower With a View

woman using HOTTAP camping shower on rocky shore

Say you want to take a trip along the coastline. Without a camping shower, you’re limited to areas near shared facilities or you’ll have to contend with the smell of ocean water and dry skin that goes with it for days.

With your shower, you can set up camp almost anywhere and rinse yourself off.

This works for more than just the ocean campsite. For instance, the Acadia National Park in Maine does not have lodging facilities on-site, so it's easier to have a camping shower with you and make the best of this beautiful park.

Pro 7 - It’s as Easy to Use as It Is to Set Up

children using HOTTAP camping shower

The HOTTAP camping shower will take you less than 10 minutes to put together. With color-coded hoses and quick-release valves, you can go from opening the package to showering in no time.

As pleasant as your shower at home

Since the pack includes a water pump, there’s no need to hoist 5 gallons of water up a tree or vehicle to get a spray. Everything stays on the ground, and if the nozzle is needed at a height, there’s an easy magnetic holder that keeps it in place.

Additionally, the HOTTAP includes a sink and faucet for washing utensils.

hottap sink and faucet
Faucet Plumbing

Camp Shower Cons

Con 1 - The Camp Shower Won’t Fit In Your Backpack

If you are traveling without a car, this shower might not be for you. You need to bring a lot of equipment with you including the HOTTAP device, a propane tank, and something to power the pump (either your car battery via the cigarette lighter socket or a portable power station).

If you don’t have a car, not only is this a lot to carry but without the ability to power the pump, it will make the HOTTAP shower really inconvenient to set up.

Con 2 - Camp Showers Don’t Come Cheap

Even though the equipment is durable and offers a great deal of convenience, it does require a significant investment.

If you’re not a frequent hiker it might not be a top priority. However, we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can try the shower risk-free and see if it’s something you’ll use often.

Also, we offer a two-year warranty once you’ve made the significant investment, so you’ll be well protected from any accidental damages and have a long life with your HOTTAP shower.

Con 3 - It’s Easy to Lose Track of Time and Water Consumption

Ever heard anyone say, “I took a long cold shower.”

No? Me neither. Time flies when you’re having fun, and an unchecked warm shower can suck up that time.

If you don’t have an unlimited water source nearby it’s easy to accidentally use your entire supply in two days.

However, you can alleviate this problem by traveling with a shower buddy who can tell you when your 5 minutes are up.

“What begins to happen is you lose track of time…and space because you’re just sucked into this vortex of goodness.”
Scott - Scott, Dan and Chi Chi de Van

The Pros Outweigh the Cons

Camping Shower Pros
✅ Avoid communal showers and shower privately
✅ Hot showers help you sleep better
✅ Everyone loves hot showers, especially those who don’t like camping
✅ Camping showers are durable
✅ Shower whenever you want
✅ Shower wherever you want
✅ Easy to set up
Camping Shower Cons
❌ The equipment is bulky
❌ Camp showers are a little pricey
❌ Long hot showers can strain your water supply on the road.

As a seasoned hiker, you’ve probably done alright without a shower for years, but it’s time you gave your body a break.

Or, if you are new to the outdoors, a hot shower will enhance your experience.

It also makes chores, such as washing your dishes, easier. It’s every adventuring item you need in one convenient package.

Before you go on your next trip, explore what Joolca HOTTAP can do for you and your camping family.

Happy Camping.

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