4 Must Have Adventure Accessories for Portable Showers

If you’re an outdoors buff, chances are you’ve had a struggle or two while taking an outdoor shower. It could be as simple as keeping your clothes dry as you clean up or your portable shower tent has ventilation or drainage issues.

Or maybe you’ve shopped for a pump for your shower only to find out that the vendor doesn't sell extension hoses.

Well, you don’t have to endure one more day of such horrors. Joolca provides an all-in-one portable shower system that’s easy to set up and use.

There are few places you can get a water filter, pump, showerhead, sink, faucet, and the accompanying fittings in one kit, and Joolca is one of them.

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We’ve done the hard work of compiling the information, so you don’t have to. These accessories will come in handy for your next outdoor adventure.

1 - Portable Shower Heater With High Endurance

HOTTAP water heater installed on the side of client’s vehicle
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Showering outdoors is an enjoyable experience in itself and is even better is with a heater.

Joolca offers three heater kits:

  • HOTTAP Essentials
  • HOTTAP Outing
  • HOTTAP Nomad

Whichever kit you pick, the HOTTAP portable water heater gives you hot water at the flip of a switch. You get more than 15 hours of run time on a single propane gas tank!

And that's not all. The HOTTAP is lightweight and easy to install and Nomad kit comes with its own stand, while the Outing and Essentials kits include detachable feet for the heater to sit on. Whether you’re mounting the kits on a vehicle or a wall, this portable heater will serve you perfectly.

Children enjoying their outdoor shower using a HOTTAP Kit.
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All three kits include:

  • The HOTTAP water heater
  • A gas hose
  • A shower head

The Outing Kit adds a 12 V pumping kit, and feet to help the heater stand, while the Nomad Kit comes with the pumping kit, a stand, kitchen sink, and faucet.

You can also enjoy your shower without burns thanks to the HOTTAP’s inbuilt safety system. Its microprocessor limits the water temp to 122°F. You only adjust the heat level downward for your satisfaction.

2 - Powerful Water Pump

Joolca water pump
HOTTAP V2 ESSENTIALS Portable Hot Water Kit

What makes a shower enjoyable apart from clean water and soap? Sufficient water pressure.

After a long day of outdoorsing, the last thing you want is to try to shower with only a trickle of water.

Joolca’s Outing and Nomad kits have you covered.

If your water source is way below your campsite, not to worry. These pumps can push water upwards on inclines of up to 100 feet.

Hail, rain, and sun are no challenge for these bad boys. Their extreme durability gives you the peace of mind to fully enjoy the outdoors.

Each pump comes with a sturdy filter that blocks out sediments, making the water clean for kitchen use as well.

3 - Sturdy and Spacious Shower Tent

Joolca Ensuite Double shower tent
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Just because you’re taking a shower outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable while at it. A shower tent offers you privacy and protection from the elements on cold and rainy days.

Joolca has two shower tent models:

Both models have several features that make them exceptional products and are easy to set up.

Setting up (And Taking Down) Your Ensuite Tent

Joolca shower tents are designed in a pop-up style, so they take less than 30 seconds to pitch. All you have to do is throw them wherever you want to set up, then pull the tents upwards. This leaves you with more time to enjoy your outdoor experience.

After your outdoor adventures are finished, breaking down camp is the least favorite task for many campers, so having a shower tent that’s easy to pack makes the end of your trip a breeze.

The metal frame on the outside won’t get stuck and risk damaging the tent when folding it up. You’re finished packing in no time at all.

Sufficient Ventilation

The vents in the tent’s roof allow steam to escape while you shower. If you need more ventilation to take care of excess steam (or just want to let some fresh air in), just unzip the large fly-screen windows at the back and front of the tent.

Joolca shower tent fly-screen window
ENSUITE Double Automatic Two Room Shower Tent

Total Privacy

You know how tents show your silhouette when you’re in them with a light at night? No need to worry about that with the Joolca Ensuite shower tents. The silver-coated fabric guarantees complete privacy.

Loads of Storage Space

As you shower, your towel and clothes remain dry thanks to the covered compartment. The tents also include a wall organizer for toiletries and a mesh pocket in the ceiling for valuables. Also, there’s a dry laundry hamper.

What more could you ask for in a simple shower tent?

Covered compartment for clothes inside Joolca shower tent
ENSUITE Single Automatic Single Room Shower Tent


Both the ENSUITE Double and Ensuite Single shower tents offer plenty of space to shower and change with ease. The dimensions are as shown below.

ENSUITE Double 82 inches 78 inches 43 inches
Ensuite Single 80.70 inches 59.05 inches 59.05 inches

The ENSUITE Double features a separate utility room that has doors to the shower space and outside. You can either use it as a changing area or drying your camping gear.


Joolca’s shower tents come with hardy steel poles and a dome lock-in ABS. They’re also durable against rain, hail, and sun, so you can be sure that your tent will serve you well for many years.

4 - Adjustable Showerhead With Impressive Spray

Man using HOTTAP vehicle-mounted showerhead
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Cleaning up with a bucket works, but nothing beats the convenience of an actual showerhead.

HOTTAP’s modular showerheads work as both handheld and mounted equipment. For the latter, detach the shower rose from the handle, stick it on the ceiling, and you have a ‘normal’ shower in seconds.

“Hot shower after fishing! Can’t get any better than that!”
Elaine V.

Even better, the Joolca shower rose is designed to give you the perfect spray no matter the angle it’s at, or the flow rate of the water. There’s no excuse for not getting squeaky clean now.

Feel the Freedom of the Outdoors

Nothing beats the feeling of being outdoors, connecting with nature, and savoring the freedom that nature brings.

What makes the experience even more satisfying is having good gear—like reliable accessories for your portable shower. They save you time, dollars, and keep you comfortable so you can fully enjoy your adventures.

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor experiences? Start at Joolca to find everything you need.

With Joolca’s portable shower kits and accessories, you'll feel at home anywhere.

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