Recent Price Increase

We raised prices on the HOTTAP Nomad Kit and HOTTAP Outing Kit on the 7th of April 2021.

After months of postponing this decision as long as we could, we reached a point where we needed to implement a small price increase on these products.

Why was there a price increase?

We have seen significant increases in manufacturing costs following a global rise in commodity prices. Unfavorable exchange rates have also contributed to this increase. Additionally, global logistical disruptions (which have been caused by coronavirus) have led to a massive increase in shipping prices to get our goods over to our Utah warehouse. 

We've also had a hard time keeping up with demand and consistently staying in stock. This has prompted us to simplify our assembly chain at the cost of higher manufacturing prices. We did this to improve future lead times so that we could respond faster to increases in demand.

Raising prices is not something we wanted to do and we held off as long as we could. However, it's something we needed to do if we wanted to remain a financially viable and solid business for years to come. 

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