Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii

Thank you for your interest in Joolca products! If you're on this page then it's likely you're looking to purchase some gear and want to have it shipped to either Alaska or Hawaii.

Our Free Shipping* offer does not apply to these two states, simply because of the bulky nature of the products that we sell and the cost of having it shipped to you in this scenario.

We can ship to Alaska & Hawaii, but there will be an additional shipping charge. The charge will be calculated on the checkout page, because it depends on the total weight of your order. This is an already subsidized cost, meaning that our true cost is more than this but we have factored in what we normally allocate for domestic shipping to bring this cost down for you. 

Please note - there is a 70lb weight limit per order. If the total order weight is above 70lbs you'll receive an error message on the checkout page.

This means if you want to buy more gear, you will have to do it in separate orders and pay the shipping fee on both orders. Since we are billed for shipping on 'dead weight' there is no saving by combining multiple items in one order - so unfortunately we cannot pass on any shipping savings for buying more items in the one order.

If you have any questions that were not answered above, please email and we will take care of you very quickly.

Warm regards,
The Joolca Team

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