(Potentially) winning ideas

You know what it’s like - the world’s your oyster with Joolca. Mix and match to your heart’s content. And the Joolcademy Awards are just the same. You can create anything you like - these are only some ideas for inspiration.

Backyard bubbles

Have you got your HOTTAP set up at home? Throw a pool party, showcase your awesome hot tub or lather up the doggie!

Family fun

Do you go camping more often, now that everyone can enjoy a hot shower wherever you are? Share your story!

Dishwashing duty

Got your open-plan Joolca kitchen sorted? Here’s how to get out of washing the dishes – you do the filming!

Sporty splash

Do you like having a hot shower after surfing, diving or mountain-biking? Show the rest of the world how to enjoy day trips in style!

Vantastic vistas

Does your bathroom open up to spectacular views? Tell what it’s like to have a hot shower under the outback stars, in the misty rainforest
or on the top of a mountain!

Exemplary example

Rules of engagement

  • No swearing
  • No nudity (pets excepted)
  • No badmouthing of competitor brand names (“others” will do)

Pathway to fame

  • Tell your story - why do you love HOTTAP or ENSUITE?
  • Show all the different ways you use Joolca gear
  • Advise on smart setups and integrations

Formatting requirements

  • Check Settings > Camera > Formats > Most compatible
  • Turn off HDR and choose 1080p/HD or 4k resolution
  • Film everything vertically
  • Keep your movie to 120 seconds or less

Submit your work

The esteemed Ladies and Gentlemen of the Joolcademy Awards Panel of Judges are awaiting the arrival of your masterpiece with bated breath (and, not to worry, we’ve battened all hatches to prevent any premature leaks to the Hollywood press). So, fire away – and start penning that award acceptance speech!

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