Joolca United States Returns Policy


Joolca Inc. (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) trading as “Joolca” allows the return of our Products on the terms, conditions, and for the duration outlined in this document (“Policy”).

Joolca believes in total customer satisfaction. We deliver this by offering our customers:.

1. Free technical advice without the technical jargons.

2. Prompt turnaround of orders, returns and refunds throughout contiguous USA (See Clause 14 below for additional terms and conditions applicable to locations outside of contiguous USA).

3. Professional, friendly, and personalised customer service and product support.


1. “Product” means:

1.1. All products manufactured or supplied by Joolca; and

1.2. Any component of or accessory for any Product in clause 1.1.

2. “Customer” means the person who purchased and paid for the Product.


3. A Customer is entitled to return our Product(s) to us, provided:

3.1. The Product was directly purchased from Joolca USA;

3.2. The Customer was able to actually unpack, use and test the Product;

3.3. The Customer is not satisfied with the Product for whatever reason; and

3.4. The return is made within thirty (30) days from acceptance of the delivery of the Product (Return Period).

4. If there is no proof as to when the delivery was actually accepted by the Customer, as where the Product was shipped through post, it will be assumed that the Customer accepted the Product three (3) days after the dispatch date.

5. The Product, to be accepted for a return, must not be damaged or altered in any way, except for indications of acceptable and normal everyday use.

6. Product(s) that were not properly used or mishandled in any way will not be accepted for return.


7. The Customer must first contact Joolca Support to initiate the return through a Refund Claim.

8. Refund Claims must be made in writing to Joolca by sending an email to, or through calling its phone support at 1 (800) 313-2421 within the Return Period.

9. Joolca will then provide a prepaid label from a courier of its own choice to cover the shipping costs for the return of the Product.



10. The Customer must return the Product in its entirety, including its accessories, user manuals and guides, in its original packaging.

11. When returning a Product to Joolca, the Customer must ensure that it is packaged, shipped and handled with care. Joolca will not be responsible for any damage caused to the Product during shipping.

12. Upon collection of the Product, Joolca will check and inspect the Product to verify if the return complies with the above conditions.

13. Joolca will reject refund claims that do not comply with the above requirements.


14. If the return complies with the above conditions, Joolca will refund to the Customer the original purchase price of the Product less any Associated charges applicable. Associated charges are applicable if you are residing outside of contiguous USA (eg: Alaska and Hawaii).

15. Associated charges include the delivery costs, extended warranties, and other purchased products.

16. The refund at Joolca's discretion will be made through the same payment method used by the Customer to purchase the Product.

17. However, if the return does not comply with the conditions above, Joolca will not accept the Product for return and will not issue any refund.


18. If the purchase was made through a credit card, the refund will be sent within five (5) business days from receipt from the returned package through the bank that issued the credit card.

19. In this case, the Customer must contact the card-issuing bank with questions about how and when the credit will be posted to his/her account.


20. For refunds through cheque, money order, and direct deposit, the Customer will need to provide us with the following bank details:

  • Account Holder Name
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank Name
  • Transit Routing Number

21. In these cases, refunds can only be remitted to a local bank account where the Bank Account Holder name is the same as the Billing Contact filled in when placing the purchase.

22. The refund will be sent within ten (10) business days from Joolca’s receipt of the returned Product.


23. Customers are encouraged to immediately contact the Joolca Support team for prompt and efficient diagnosis and product support. Joolca’s contact details for sending refund claims under this Policy are:

Joolca Inc.

Telephone: 1 (800) 313-2421


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